The Reception Buffet

·         Home Made Yeast Dinner Rolls

·         Fresh Butter

·         Apple Coleslaw

·         Apple Wood Smoked Pulled Pork on a

·         Crispy Corn Tortilla Cup, Napa Cabbage Leaf or

          Brizollio Buns with Smoker Drip BBQ Sauce

·         Fresh Cut Russet Fries

·         Smoky Drippings Gravy

·         Truck Smoked Great Northern Beans

                                                        $24 / Guest

That is One Possibility......

Here are some of our Signature Dishes you can mix and match to make your Event Perfectly Personalized. (Pricing will vary)



·         Applewood Smoked Beef Briskets

·         Rosemary & Garlic Smoked Pork Loins

·         Apple Wood Smoked, Pork Back Ribs

·         Smoked & Meaty Beef Ribs w Smoker Drip BBQ Sauce

·         Sage Roasted Chicken w Pan Drip Gravy

·         Smoked & BBQed Hips of Pork w Pan Drip BBQ Sauce

·         Roasted Turkey Dinner (Also available Smoked, Of course!)

·         Prime Rib Roast of Beef

·         Truck Made Butter Chicken w Plantain Chips

·         Smoked or Roasted Hip of Beef w Drip Au Jus or Gravy
             (or any of Your Suggestions,
individually priced)


·         Classic Country Potato and Egg Salad

·         Apple Coleslaw

·         Classic Caesar Salad

·         Spring Mixed Salad with Fresh Fruit & Raspberry Balsamic Dressing

·         Garden Tossed Greens with assorted Dressings

·         Italian Pasta and Pesto Salad

·         Marinated Seasonal Vegetable Salad


·         Lemon & Herb Roasted Potato

·         Macaroni & Wilton Cheese Sauce

·         Baked Potato & Sour Cream

·         Fried Parisiene Potato tossed with Butter and Herbs

·         Farm Style Scalloped Potato

·         Basmati Rice Pilaff

·         Pesto & Parmesan Buttered Pasta

             (or any of Your Suggestions)

Late Night Soak It Up Poutine Party

A constant supply of:

·         Fresh Cut Russet Fries

·         Smoky Poutine Gravy

·         Fresh chopped Wilton’s White Curd and all your UsualUnusual Condiments! T-Rex Spice, Salt, Pepper, Sriracha Sauce, Crispy Fried Onions, Spicy & Crisp Shoestring Potato, Ketchup, Hot Banana Peppers,                                                             $9 / Guest

Eat Like a Carnivore!

·         Poutine - Plus Protein

·         Add any 1 Protein from Below $4/Guest

·         Add any 2 Proteins $5/Guest

·         Beef Brisket Bits

·         Pulled Pork

·         Smoked Turkey Pieces

·         Truck Smoked Great Northern Beans

·         Smoked Chili

·         Chopped & Fried Bacon

·         Butter Chicken

Add Any Side Below:  

·         Corn Bread Cakes & Maple Syrup

·         Truck Smoked Great Northern Beans

·         Onion Rings

·         Macaroni & Wilton Cheese Sauce

·         Pogos

·         Sliced Smoked Old Wilton Cheddar

·         Jalapeño Poppers

·         Fresh Cut Fries

·         Egg Rolls & Plum Sauce

                                                  $4/ Guest


Late Night Moose Tongues

·         Cinnamon & Sugar

·         Apple Cinnamon

·         Nutella & Berries

·         Banana & Chocolate Glaze

·         Hazlenut Spread & Smarties

·         Nutella & Banana



“Build Your Own” Baked Potato Bar!

Baked Jumbo Russets Potatoes, Fresh Butter, Salt Pepper, Shredded Wilton Cheese, Chopped Bacon bits, Wilton Cheese Sauce, T-Rex Spice, Chives, Sour Cream, Smoky Gravy,


·         Roasted Medley of Marinated Seasonal Vegetable

·         Fresh Corn on the Cob & Butter Bath

·         Truck Made Great Northern Smoked Beans

·         Gibbon’s Farm, Maple Glazed Baby Carrots

·         Cauliflower in Wilton Cheese Sauce

             (or any of Your Suggestions)


 Add a Desserts

·         Assorted Melon Platters

·         Mini Loaf Cupcakes Variety of Choices

·         Moose Tongues

·         Iced Slab Cakes

·         Homemade Baked Apple Crisp

·          (or any of Your Suggestions, individually Priced)


All Menu choices will be accompanied by their popular and appro­priate condiments

Factors affecting total cost /Guests are:

·         Is the meal:  Buffet Style, Plated and served, Dropped off, Cost of substituted items, duplication of items, IE: 2 Vegetables or 2 Meats etc, or the addition of a Dessert.



         PICK One of Our Signature Sandwiches from our Regular Truck Menu  used at Community Events.  Serve it with Apple Coleslaw, & Fresh Cut Fries, Add Our Smoky Gravy to give it that, “Smokin’ Carnivore Distinction”.


         How about a Nacho or Taco Bar, Taco Meat, Shredded Cheese, Sour Cream, Guacamole, Green Onions. Diced Tomato, Shredded Lettuce, Jalapeños, Siracha Sauce and Mucho Mas!


         How about something more Italian, a Pasta Bar, A couple assorted Buttered Pastas, With Marinara Sauce, Meatballs, Sliced Italian Sausage, Chopped Basil, Green Onions, Parmesan Cheese, Cracked Chillies.


At your convenience we can sit and discuss your, aspirations for your guests at your event. We can make it Happen!

Smokin’ Carnivore will make every attempt to satisfy any dietary needs of your Guests, with prior notice.


Please contact us to discuss your event and let us work with you to meet your needs and budget. We can discuss your wants and resources, facility, numbers, dates, times, and meal (Rehearsal, Reception or late night Food). I will get back to you ASAP with some prices. We do require a truck retainer of $300.00 + HST of 13%. {This books your date and time with SCFT & E for an event where the Smokin’ Carnivore Food Truck will be present. Please note this is not a deposit nor deductible from the cost of the Meal.} Then 30 days prior to your event, we require 50% of the bill, based on estimated number of guests. Two weeks prior to your event you provide a guaranteed number of guests and the balance owing. Including 15% gratuity and 13% HST.   On the day of your event we arrive and impress all your guests with the meal that, you and SCFT&E have planned for them!